Duty and Flight Time Software

Duty and Flight Time Software

pictureThis software has been designed to record and monitor your duty and flight times and to track recency. It is currently in use by airlines, charter operators, flying schools, agricultural operators, balloonists and of course individual pilots. It will save you hours of tedious mathematical calculations and will maintaining your records in accordance with the CASA requirements.

  • Opening window displays a summary of the hours of all pilots - makes it simple to roster and check duty and flight time limits
  • Main window displays completed and remaining times or days for
    • day, 7 and 14 day duty times
    • day, 7, 14, 28/30 and 365 day flight times
    • instrument approaches (ILS, VOR, NDB, DGA and RNAV)
  • Logbook Entry
    • The Logbook Entry screen (pictured opposite) looks and functions just like a regular logbook. It also includes some terrific time-saving features:
    • Automatic totalling of Multi-Engine and Single-Engine fields (ICUS Day, ICUS Night, Dual Day, Dual Night etc.)
    • Automatic saving of Pilot In Command, Other Pilot or Crew and Detail entries – eliminating the need to enter repetitive information
    • Automatic ranking of commonly flown route
  • Logbook Report
    • Includes all of the standard logbook columns and entries
  • Past Experience Entry
    • The Past Experience window allows you to enter your accumulated totals for ICUS Day, ICUS Night, Command Day, Command Night, etc. eliminating the tedious task of entering all of your previous logbook entries.
  • Summary of Experience Report
    • The Summary of Experience screen and report look and function identically to the regular Summary of Experience report. Specifically, it includes the Total Aeronautical Experience and Grand Total Flying Hours times and the accumulated hours for each aircraft type.
  • Unlimited Aircraft
    • Tracking of an unlimited number of aircraft types.
  • Tracks instrument or simulator flight
  • Tracks night flight, takeoffs and landings
  • Remarks entry to allow you to enter trip details or other info
  • Caters for operators using CAO 48 dispensation!
  • Individual setup (for each pilot) that permits you to select 3 different methods of calculating split duty times
  • 28 or 30 day flight times
  • consecutive or non consecutive duty times
  • an automatic warning of checks due for renewal (such as Command Rating, Medical Expiry etc.)
  • a personalised setup and tracking for 3 aircraft
  • a database of personal details, flight hours and currency
  • Inbuilt backup and restore option to protect your data files
  • Facility to graph any of your duty or flight hour totals for any set period so you may see at a glance how close you are to your maximum
  • Tracks currency on two GPS units
  • Recency tracking on different aircraft types (RPT Operators)
  • Calculates the earliest time you can sign on the next day
  • Calculates each pilots' Grand Total flying hours
  • Tracks Late Night Operations and provides warnings
  • Password protection for individuals and administrators

Other Options

  • Customizable Summary Columns allow you to set and display any parameters, including earliest sign on times for all pilots, in the Summary window
  • EMailing option lets you email your Duty & Flight times back to your main base with the click of a mouse! All required files are compressed and emailed automatically.
  • Data export exports your data to a text file that can be used by other programs, such as Excel
  • FAID allows an export of your data that can then be analysed by the FAID program (fatigue management)
  • Print All Pilots' Reports enables you to print all your pilots in one step without the need to select them individually - great for companies on a network with Administrator access

Operates under Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista



Duty and Flight Time Software (max 2 pilots)

Duty and Flight Time Additional licenses

Duty and Flight Time Pilot Logbook upgrade


$345 + GST

$99 + GST

$150 + GST


Upgrades available from the previous version to the current version.

Demonstration Version Download

Fully functional demonstration versions of the latest Duty and Flight Time software are available for download from the links below. The demo versions do not allow data to be saved.

Duty and Flight Time demo. kit (approx 12mb) - Click for download

Duty and Flight Time with Pilot Logbook demo. kit (approx 12mb) - Click for download