Pilot Logbook Software

Pilot Logbook Software

pictureMaintain your flying hours records electronically. This Logbook program is ideal for use by private pilots or anyone that must maintain a logbook. The Pilot Logbook program saves hours of tedious calculations, is simple and easy to use and can generate a printout identical to format to a manual logbook. You can also enter your current logbook tallies and avoid having to re-enter all of your previous logbook entries into the program.

  • Logbook Entry
    • The Logbook Entry screen (pictured opposite) looks and functions just like a regular logbook. It also includes some terrific time-saving features:
    • Automatic totalling of Multi-Engine and Single-Engine fields (ICUS Day, ICUS Night, Dual Day, Dual Night etc.)
    • Automatic saving of Pilot In Command, Other Pilot or Crew and Detail entries – eliminating the need to enter repetitive information
    • Automatic ranking of commonly flown route
  • Logbook Report
    • Includes all of the standard logbook columns and entries
  • Past Experience Entry
    • The Past Experience window allows you to enter your accumulated totals for ICUS Day, ICUS Night, Command Day, Command Night, etc. eliminating the tedious task of entering all of your previous logbook entries.
  • Summary of Experience Report
    • The Summary of Experience screen and report look and function identically to the regular Summary of Experience report. Specifically, it includes the Total Aeronautical Experience and Grand Total Flying Hours times and the accumulated hours for each aircraft type.
Demonstration Version Download

A fully functional demonstration version of the latest Pilot Logbook software is available for download from the link below. The demo version will not allow data to be saved.

Download a trial version (approx 12mb)now!

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