Charter Quote Software

Charter Quote Software

The Quote program allows you to quickly and easily calculate a quote for a charter flight. Simply enter the destinations/place names and the program calculates the distance, ETI and quote total.

The program features:

  • A database listing of over 800 placenames throughout Australia.
  • The ability to add placenames to the database
  • The ability to save, search and print quotes
  • A popup cost notes window - displays your company's information regarding rates per hour, landing fees, pilot fees and misc. fees.
  • The ability to add an unlimtied number of aircraft types and their block speeds
  • Default rate per hour values for aircraft types
  • Default landing fees for place names and aircraft types
  • Circuit time calculation


Download a trial version (approx 8mb) - Click for details

Quote Software Pricing:

Purchase Price

$270.00 + GST

Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise indicated. Purchases outside Australia are required to purchase via credit card and will be charged the AUS$ equivalent at the time of the purchase.

Australian GST is payable on all software sold within Australia. Add GST at 10% to all purchases within Australia. No GST is payable on sales outside Australia.

Payment is by cheque, credit card (MasterCard or Visa), or direct deposit.